Merrimac Heights Academy students attended 24 days of in-person instruction in July and August.  Social distancing was easily maintained by spreading students and staff across our large campus.  Desks were placed under tents, in our gym, and in large 3-walled classrooms that previously served as auto service bays.  The few days we experienced high temperatures were countered by breezes rolling across the ball fields, so the absence of air conditioning was not a factor!

Group activities on the basketball court and in our meadow included physical fitness classes and lunch groups.  Students used these opportunities to reconnect with friends and teachers.  Otherwise, each student had an indoor and outdoor desk for classes, where teachers would meet them to do math, reading, writing, theater readings, and post-secondary transition skills classes.

Students consistently and easily demonstrated healthy habits of mask-wearing, hand-washing, and keeping to six-feet of personal space.  Even the youngest were at their most mature in recognition of the seriousness of the current health situation.  Visit our Events and News Past Event Gallery page to view some photos of 2020 Summer Program!

Merrimac Heights Academy will be open for in-person instruction this Fall, 2020, following the same safety guidelines.  Inquiries regarading enrollment should be directed to Dr. Lygia Soares, Executive Director at [email protected]

Merrimac Heights Academy
is a private nonprofit day school for students aged 11 to 22 with complex learning, language, and social challenges. Individualized and direct language-based instruction, in combination with hands-on activities and real life experiences, result in students who can be independent and successful. Our middle school, high school and transition programs challenge students academically, socially, and emotionally to be more than they've ever been before. Experiential and project-based, our students learn essential life skills in preparation for college and careers. Highly individualized instruction and a nurturing, personalized environment lead to fulfilling independent lives of success and confidence.

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In 2014 we welcomed our first student and after steady increases our enrollment is at 13 students from 12 MA and NH school districts.

Merrimac Heights Academy is committed to maintaining a school environment free of harassment based on race, color, religion, national origin, homelessness, age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. Harassment by administrators, certified and or support personnel, students, vendors, and other individuals at school or at school-sponsored events is unlawful.
  • Located in Merrimac, MA, easily accessible via routes 95 and 495, and within reach of students from MA and southern NH and ME.
  • Three buildings on one rural acre. Bright classrooms, art and music rooms, a library, homelike kitchen, dining and living areas, and a full gymnasium give us room for projects and exploration. Vocational training areas include a commercial kitchen, woodshop, auto bay, thrift store, and cafe.
  • Staffed by MA licensed special educators, 3 speech and language pathologists, a reading specialist, occupational and physical therapists, and counselors.
  • A 180-day program and 24-day summer program.
  • An academic program aligned with the MA curriculum which prepares many students to successfully complete the MCAS.
  • Reading tutorials to address decoding and comprehension needs.
  • A strong experiential transition and internship program for students aged 18-22 which puts students into the work world.
  • Highly individualized student instruction that allows all to progress and succeed.