Merrimac Heights Academy is a private, nonprofit school for students aged 11 to 22 with complex learning, language, and social challenges whose individual needs have not been adequately met in a traditional public school setting. Our mission is to provide our students with essential life skills training and an individualized college and career readiness education using an experiential and project-based learning approach in a nurturing and personalized environment. As a result of a comprehensive MHA education, our students are empowered to lead confident, fulfilling, successful and independent lives.
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Merrimac Heights Academy offers a rigorous, yet highly individualized, trans-disciplinary curriculum, which drives an integrated approach that offers its students an opportunity to acquire and apply skills in real-life contexts. Special attention is given to the College and Career Readiness expectations that highlight such characteristics as independence, the determination to acquire knowledge and communication skills. Read More

Students at Merrimac Heights learn in a safe, comfortable environment. Whether it's learning academics in the a traditional classroom, completing an assignment in the quiet living room, silent reading in the school library, preparing lunch or snack in the kitchen, or working in the school thrift shop or cafe, students quickly find enjoyment at MHA. Read More
Internships and School to Work

Off-Campus Internships: The Internship Program at Merrimac Heights Academy is a program designed to assist students (ages 14-22) in furthering their education and knowledge within the ‘real world’ work force. Read More

School-to-Work is a program available to students who may not be ready for a more formal internship experience. This initiative builds collaborations among MHA Educators, businesses and the community to help students attain the knowledge and experience necessary for employment.